Sydney Opera House

An intimate early morning backstage tour offering exclusive access to areas normally reserved for performers and crew.

Tour Includes:

• The opportunity to stand on the Concert Hall stage and a walk through the orchestra pit.
• 2 hour small group tour with knowledgeable guide
• Breakfast in the Green Room (Mon – Sat) or Opera Kitchen (Sun)
• Excellent photo opportunities

This two hour exclusive backstage tour takes you on a behind the scenes look at the workings and restricted areas of the UNESCO World Heritage Sydney Opera House. The early morning departure allows for access to be provided to areas like the Concert Hall stage where you can stand in the spot light, walk through the orchestra pit and peek into the stars dressing room. Your guide will relay stories and provide information on the history of some of the significant past performances. Your tour ends with a hearty breakfast in the Green Room, a private domain for performers and staff which offers fantastic views over Sydney Harbour.

Pick up from: Opera House Stage Door

Approximate time: 07:00

Duration: 2 hours


Opera House Performance Tickets
To fully experience the wonder of the Sydney Opera House ask your consultant to pre book tickets to see one of Opera Australia's renowned performances. We can advise what opera's are showcasing during your stay in Sydney and secure tickets for a night to remember.

Opera Tickets from £85 per person

Sydney half day tour from £99

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