Intercity - Melbourne/Sydney

An affordable and convenient way to travel between Australia's main cities, enjoying spectacular scenery as you go.

Both First Class and Coach Class cabins have reclining seats and air conditioning.

On board facilities: A buffet car on each train service provides you with a variety of hot and cold meals as well as snacks and drinks. You can purchase your meal and then take it back to your seat.

Melbourne to Sydney
Departs: Daily 08:30 (daylight service) and 19:50 (overnight service)
Arrives: 19:53 (daylight service) and 06:53 +1 (overnight service)

Sydney to Melbourne
Departs: Daily 0732 (Daylight service), 20:32 (Overnight service)
Arrives: 18:30 (Daylight service), 07:25 +1 (Overnight service)

Coach class seat - from £52
First class seat 
- from £72
First class sleeper - from £124

Great rail Journey from £52

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Australia Rail Journeys

Watch Australia unfold in front of your eyes as you travel in style on an epic rail journey. Coast to coast or city to city, there is no better way to travel:

Choose from:

Coach class seat - Comfortable reclining seats with generous leg room, arm and foot rest and drop down table.

First class seat - Deluxe reclining seats with extra leg room, arm and foot rest and drop down table.

First class sleeper - Twin sleeper cabin with shared facilities, complimentary linen, towels and toiletries, breakfast and a passenger attendant on call throughout your journey.

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