Free Night Deals

The longer you stay the more the cost comes down with our great Free Night Deals around Australia.

Stay beside the magnificent Ayres Rock or by the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Choose from traditional hotels and apartments to romantic island and beach resorts.

New South Wales
Sydney Hotels - from £50 pn
Sydney Apartments - from £50 pn
Around NSW - from £42 pn

North Queensland Hotels - from £52 pn
North Queensland Apartments - from £34 pn 
Around North Queensland - from £40 pn
Brisbane Hotels - from £50 pn 
Nature Coast - from £38 pn 
Gold Coast - from £42 pn

Melbourne Hotels - from £49 pn 
Melbourne Apartments - from £38 pn
Around Victoria - from £42 pn 

Western Australia
Perth Hotels - from £49 pn
Perth Apartments - from £56 pn
Around Western Australia - from £42 pn

Northern Australia
Darwin Hotels - from £44 pn 
Darwin Apartments - from £43 pn
Around the Top End - from £34 pn
Ayres Rock - from £64 pn
Around Red Centre - from £40 pn

South Australia 
Adelaide Hotels - from £41 pn
Adelaide Apartments - from £44 pn
Around Southern Australia - from £49 pn

Hobart Hotels - from £39 pn
Around Tasmania - from £37 pn

South Pacific
Fiji hotels & resorts - from £64 pn
Cook Islands hotels & resorts - from £66 pn

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