Wallaby spotted hopping across Sydney Harbour Bridge

An unsuspecting wallaby unwittingly sparked a full blown police chase in Sydney when it was spotted making its way across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

New South Wales police officers responded to a call to the scene in the early hours of the morning when the marsupial was spotted side-by-side with the traffic in lane eight!

The iconic Aussie animal is not usually seen in such an urban area, so caused much intrigue among spectators and the local media. On this occasion the wallaby is thought to have ventured to the bridge from a golf course in nearby Cammeray, and was pursued by officers in vehicles and on foot before eventually being apprehended in a nearby park.

Local authorities saw the funny side of the affair with a tongue-in-cheek statement on the unusual goings-on.

“Traffic controllers from the Transport Management Centre monitored the wallaby as it hopped across to lane one and, without indicating, exited onto Cahill Expressway then to Macquarie Street.

“Officers took the startled macropod into police custody near the Conservatorium of Music, with the Police Mounted Unit arriving on scene soon after to take it to the zoo for veterinary assessment.”

Luckily the wallaby emerged unscathed, with x-rays carried out at Taronga zoo revealing that it had not suffered any serious injuries. The adventurous wallaby is currently being held for monitoring at the zoo, but it is hoped that it will be able to be released back into the wild.

Wallabies are one of the country’s most endearing native animals Down Under, and it must have been a treat for any tourists who spotted it on the equally iconic bridge. It is nonetheless still possible to see them in the less fast-paced context of zoos around the country!