Unrecognisable Sydney in planning stages

For travellers embarking on holidays to Australia and the Sydney region, they are likely to look on in awe at world class sites such as the Harbour Bridge or Opera House but the city is set for massive overhaul in years to come with the Sydney Business Chamber calling for a major revamp of some of the city’s key districts.

With AUD$8.5 million already in place to upgrade the Sydney Harbour district, $6m for Barangaroo, $1m for Broadway and over $2.5m for Darling Harbour, business leaders aren’t stopping just there with Circular Quay, Garden Island and the Sydney Fish Market too being placed upon the growing list of localities in need of an upgrade.

The upgrade has been planned in light of the growing demand for retail and leisure-based activities and with one third of the rise in international travellers to Australia in 2012 belonging to the Chinese community according to the Shanghai Daily, Sydney needs to respond to the needs of contemporary visitors and their preferences.

Sydney Business Chamber executive director, Patricia Forsythe said “We will not know this city in a few years’ time. We need to think about what else to do to make it a global city.”

The Sydney Fish Market precinct is particularly popular with Asian backgrounds and given the rise in the number of these nationalities to the city, overhauling the enterprise which incorporates a port, fresh seafood, a retail market and a sushi bar represents sensible business.

Forsythe also confirmed that implementing six-star hotels will “Ensure we have a destination that will attract visitors,” while a helipad near Barangaroo is planned in order to allow travellers a spectacular overhead view of the city from the skies.