Underwater yoga raises awareness of Great Barrier Reef

Most people will have seen photos of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: the gently rippling waves of the shallows brushing over the turquoise waters and multicoloured coral and marine life of the reef is one of the natural world’s most iconic pictures. But perhaps few will have seen images of yoga being performed right amongst the famous bucket-list location!

Amy Ippoliti, an American yoga teacher, author and earth conservationist who also has a big following on social media, recently made a trip to the Southern Great Barrier Reef’s Lady Elliot Island to witness the start of the annual turtle nesting and hatchling season that takes place in the state of Queensland.

And together with her photographer and partner, Taro Smith, she committed her experiences to film in a series of spectacular shots.

As part of the project, she appears performing a yoga pose on a board above a ray floating underneath the surface, swimming amongst turtles and even performing a yoga pose underwater.

In addition to being visually stunning, the images help to raise awareness of the importance of these marine creatures and taking an eco-minded approach.

In an interview, Ippoliti described the magical nature of the trip.

“Only the Galápagos Islands come close. Everywhere you look, the island is teeming with life, from birds to fish, reef sharks, mantas and turtles. We saw multiple stacks of mating sea turtles. Just incredible! Like nothing else!” she said.

Lady Elliot Island, the setting for these extraordinary photos, is an eco-resort situated in the protected Green Zone at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef, which has been a World Heritage Site since 1981 and is the world’s largest collection of coral reefs.