Taronga Zoo welcomes new arrivals

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, one of the top attractions in Sydney, New South Wales, has welcomed their third healthy giraffe calf of the breeding season! With the baby born in the early hours of 11th September, both new born and mother are doing well and settling in nicely to their new life together.

The new female giraffe calf has been named Malaika, which means ‘Angel’ in Swahili.

She joins two male new arrivals who were born within a week of each other on the 8th and 15th of August.

With the mothers showing all the right physical and behavioural signs in the run-up to the birth, keepers had been imminently awaiting the big day, and it was a relief when all turned out fine.

Taronga Zoo has an exceptional conservation program in place and is active in supporting the plight of giraffes in the wild, working with organisations such as Biliqo-Bulesa Conservancy, one of the largest community conservancies under the umbrella of the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT).

Other conservation and breeding projects include work with the little penguin and brush-tailed rock wallaby as well as global programmes including the Black Rhinoceros and Asian Elephant breeding schemes, which aim to help save these animals from becoming extinct and provide the protection they need to strive in their habitats.

The new giraffes have already started to make a name for themselves within the flourishing breeding herd of 11. They are currently not straying too far from their mother’s side while they get used to their surroundings, but as time goes on they are expected to gain in confidence and start to explore their area a little more. The giraffes have always been a firm visitor favourite at the zoo, and as a result of the new additions, they have instantly become one of the very top attractions.