Perth Airport growth continues

Airplane parked at Sydney International AirportPerth serves as the main gateway to the massive territory that is Western Australia. Travel to the city of just over 1,500,000 people started to begin in the 1960’s when the city’s airport started to see a boom from Western Australia’s mining industry.

An interesting note about the general population of Western Australia is that more than 30 percent of its residents were born overseas and 40 percent have relatives abroad. These figures push not only tourists but locals to utilize the Perth airport greatly.

For those Western Australia residents that have relatives back in the UK, the opportunity for them to get to back to the land they used to call home just became a lot easier. Australian national carrier Qantas will begin nonstop service from London to Perth on March 24. It is expected that the service will boost travel numbers from the UK to Australia by 33 percent.

Aircraft engineering company Boeing has stated that “overwhelmingly, passengers prefer non-stop flights”. This could easily be the driving factor as to why we will see more Brits travelling to Australia and vice-versa.

However, the increase in travel won’t just be coming from Perth.

“We’re equally as excited about the possibility that India presents, India as a tourism market has grown 15 percent last year and we are seeing more visitors coming to WA. We would see so much more if we have direct flights and that’s certainly something we’re keen to do.” Said Perth Airport Chief Kevin Brown in an interview with The West Australian.

The add-on of non-stop flight service opens so many doors for any airport. However, due to its location within the continent, Perth’s airport could become the central hub of Oceania due to it being closer to Europe compared to Melbourne or Sydney.