New Zealand-based fast food joint is chain’s coolest eatery

McDonald’s restaurants are synonymous with fast food dining all across the world but a particular chain in Taupo, New Zealand has been voted the world’s coolest in a poll conducted by the Daily Mail this week.

Reasons why this particular eatery is number one in the ‘world’s top ten coolest McDonald’s’ surround the fact that this particular chain is unique in its own right – comprising a decommissioned DC3 plane that actually makes up the restaurant structure.

Aircraft seats swap their former use for sky borne comfort in the field of aviation for dining spots instead and visitors can even step inside the cockpit in an exclusive experience which cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

Owner of the Taupo-based eatery, Eileen Byrne couldn’t hide her delight at receiving the news stating “Competition looked pretty stiff, but clearly they were really impressed with the plane.

“There are close to 35,000 McDonald’s in the world, so to think we’ve been noted not just in the Top 10 but number one is pretty cool.”

Indeed, competition was rife given the sheer scale of McDonald’s operations and chains located in New York’s Hyde Park, the Spanish Steps in Rome, Dallas and Bray Town Hall in County Wicklow, Ireland made up the top five.

These McDonald’s chains that made the illustrious list aren’t your average and the Dallas joint in particular consists of a giant happy meal box while the seventh placed chain on George Street, Sydney is described by the Daily Mail as looking “More like a study in modern architecture than a fast food joint.”

For those not familiar with holidays to New Zealand, Taupo is located on the North Island and lines the shore of Lake Taupo – Oceania’s second largest freshwater lake.