Gung settles in at Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Gung, an Asian Elephant bull, has settled comfortably in his new home at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. He’s transitioned comfortably since arriving in late January 2018.

Gung has managed to adjust to his new surroundings extremely well and has been enjoying life with old acquaintances. The 4.2-tonne elephant was transported in a crate on the back of a truck, once arriving he was safely unloaded into the Elephant Barn.

The Asian Elephant bull was greeted by his own welcoming party which included familiar faces in the Dubbo Elephant Herd, including females Thong Dee and Porntip and also males, Luk Chai (Gung’s son) and Pathi Harn. Not too long after his arrival at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Gung met his son, 15-month-old calf Sabai for the first time, an emotional experience for all! Sabi acknowledged Gung’s arrival with strong passion and enthusiasm as he ran around and vocalised in the Elephant Barn.

Keepers at the Zoo are very pleased with Gung’s progress since joining. He has managed to adjust to his new surrounding and routine quickly, partly due to this being the same at Taronga Zoo Sydney. In the first few weeks, Gung has experienced a level of luxury since being at his new home which includes pedicures and hose-downs alongside the rest of the herd. He has been busy playing with others and enrichment items including with his favourite toy from Taronga Zoo Sydney; two car tyres joined by a length of fire hose, that he loves to carry with him everywhere on his back!

Gung is a good-matured bull and a valuable breeding male of the Asian Elephant Herd, with a strong bright future in Dubbo. Visitors can spot Gung in and around the exhibit daily; the Elephant Keeper Talk at 11:45am is an event not to miss.