Glide through the twists and turns of the Brisbane River in a CityCat

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most beautiful cities and is lovingly known as ‘The River City’. With that in mind, what better way to see it than to sit back and relax as you move along the water on board a Brisbane CityCat.

The Brisbane locals love to party and the fun-loving lifestyle here revolves around the river which runs through the city. Some of the best occasions along the banks include Brisbane River Festival, which is held every September, and Brisbane River Run, which is held in May. And one of the easiest and best ways to discover these is CityCats, ‘cats’ being an abbreviation of catamarans. Super speedy and offering great views, they are the preferred method of travel for many locals looking to quickly zip around the city.

Brisbane city council operates a fleet of 21 CityCats, which work alongside a network of 25 terminals. These stretch from the University of Queensland at St Lucia to Northshore Hamilton. Operating 7 days a week, with services running every 15 minutes (starting at 5.25am and finshing at 12.55am), these boats provide the perfect way to relax as you are travelling around the city.

One of the great things about taking a CityCat is that you can stay on board for a complete loop, which will show you most of the river for a fraction of what a tour cruise would cost in many other cities. For those who are looking to experience the fresh river breeze as the CityCat glides down the river, sit at the front. To truly appreciate the views surrounding you, you should sit at the back. All CityCats come with built in WiFi, which is helpful to track which sights you are seeing as they move past and send photos back home on the go!

If you’re feeling a bit peckish after your CityCat trip, why not hop off and picnic beneath the mangroves and macadamia trees of the wild City Botanic Gardens on the river’s north bank. The city’s oldest park, this is a really nice spot in lush green hues which has rainforest glades to explore and exotic species to spot.

An alternative way to see the city and one which costs a lot less than many official tours, the fleet of CityCats zipping along the river offer a great sightseeing experience which is a fantastic first port of call if you’ve just arrived in the city. Pick out the sights you’d like to see later on as you move along the river and you’ll be excited for the rest of the trip!