Australia Zoo meerkat names announced!

Compare the Market has been running a competition in conjunction with Australia Zoo offering the chance to name four of Australia’s new female meerkats, and after much popular vote since the competition began on September 15, the names of the pint-sized new additions have finally been announced!

To enter the competition, animal lovers were asked to visit the company’s website and submit their favourite name. The winners of the competition have been chosen and are now the proud adoptive parents of their very own meerkat! The contest attracted thousands of entries, with the victors being announced on Tuesday 3rd October.

With a spectacular range of names put forward, it was a difficult decision to choose. The winning names were selected based on the criteria of how well they suited the meerkat’s character as well as the creative reasons behind the entry.

The following are the winning names: the meerkat family’s matriarch has been awarded the name of Molly with her three daughters being given the names of Maya, Katia and Matilda. But in fact the mob of ten cheeky female meerkats had already been making a name for themselves at Australia Zoo and it is great to watch them in action!

Their newly-created home has been carefully designed to provide them with the perfect setting. The exhibit’s construction has replicated the habitat of the sandy desert plains, allowing the inquisitive animals to keep busy and feel as if they were in the wild. The enclosure is found at the far end of the Savannah African section. The meerkats are keeping their keepers on their toes with their constant re-arranging of objects in their enclosure and their love of digging and hiding, and they are offering up new surprises every day that are making the exhibit a firm favourite amongst the Zoo’s visitors.