Charming stops on your drive down Australia’s east coast ocean road

Charming stops on your drive down Australia’s east coast ocean roadUnlike the UK or Europe, capital cities are very far apart in Australia so if you plan on driving them you’d better have a decent plan on how you will do it. However, while the drives are often long, the endearing thing about Australia is not only that the environments are so contrasting to those in the UK but the very homely small towns that almost always feature the cosy pub that’s been the town’s main attraction on a Friday night for the last 60 years.

If you plan to transcend Australia’s east coast ocean road starting from the very popular Gold Coast down to Sydney, here are a number of towns that you must stop in. Continue reading

London to Australia possible in 90 minutes?

By Matt Tewhatu

London to Australia possible in 90 minutes?German aerospace bosses have resurrected a plan to develop a hypersonic Spaceliner make lengthy flights a thing of the past.

Development of the Hypersonic Spaceliner capable of reaching 20 times the speed of sound could mean that the journey between London and Sydney could be possible in under 90 minutes. What’s more is that the technology could be with us by as soon as 2030. Continue reading

Melbourne rated World’s most liveable city

By Matt Tewhatu
Melbourne rated world’s most livable cityMelbourne has been ranked as the world’s most liveable city for the fifth year running in the Economist’s liveability rankings.

Melbourne is the first city ever to be ranked as the most liveable for the fifth time in a row and its position is explained in the assertion by the EIU that “mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density” tended to rank higher in the list. Continue reading

A guide to Australia’s cultural centre Melbourne

by Georgina Hughes

A guide to Australia’s cultural centre MelbourneIf cosmopolitan city vibes teamed with laid-back beachfront living and all the culture you could wish for sound like your perfect trip, look no further than Melbourne when planning your personalised Australia holiday. With modern skyscrapers overlooking riverside cafes, galleries and museums and a lively sea front to enjoy, Melbourne has it all and it’s the ideal place for those looking to enjoy some authentic Aussie hospitality, as well as great shopping, amazing food and a never-ending stream of cultural events. Continue reading