Where to spend New Years in Australia

By Matt Tewhatu

Where to spend New Years in AustraliaA country as vast and contrasting as Australia means it is hard to pinpoint areas to visit let alone be in on particular days of the year. And with New Years’ Eve being such a popular time of year to let your hair down and enjoy some of the finer things in life, Australia offers so many different options on how to spend it on your personalised Australia holiday. The fact that it is also summer in Australia during the festive season means that it is an ideal (albeit very hot) time to visit.

Whether you’re on a gap year or looking to experience it all down under on your holiday, we’ve pinpointed some of the best New Years’ experiences that Australia has to offer. Continue reading

Australia hotel chain to launch re-branded property

Australia hotel chain to launch re-branded propertyHome grown hotel chain the Mantra Group has launched a new property in South Australia’s capital Adelaide with the hotel making it the chain’s fifth property in the city.

While the property is the chain’s fifth in the city, it is the first of it’s upscale Peppers brand in Adelaide with Mantra already having two existing Mantra hotels and two Breakfree properties. Continue reading

Mammoth Cruise set to sail in 2017

Queen Mary 2Willing tourists will be able to travel from New York to Sydney and back without having to step on an airplane with a new 132-day voyage set to sail in January 2017.

Celebrating their 175th anniversary this year, the one off trek on a Cunard Ocean Liner, the voyage will launch from New York City on January 3 2017 and travel over 37,000 nautical miles. Continue reading

A trip through South Australia’s winery regions

by Georgina Hughes

A trip through South Australia’s winery regionsOften famed for its iconic landmarks and cuddly creatures, Australia is also a major player in the world of wine production and no trip to South Australia is complete without a tour around at least one winery. If you’re a fan of a glass of red in the evening or you’re eager to learn more about the processes of making, storing and serving wine, it’s well worth including a guided tour in your personalised Australia holiday itinerary. Continue reading